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December 07 2012


How to Recycle Your Old Mattress?

Old mattress should not be disposed right away. Considering that there are already numerous mattresses in landfills, you may not want that continuously increasing numbers. While some make use of old mattress by selling them at discounted prices, you can actually recycle it to something that can serve a purpose in your home. So, what can be done with an old mattress? Here are some few ideas which can be tried.

Old mattresses can be recycled into make shift couch and have it installed in space closer to windows. This will require a bit effort and time, but the benefits will surely be all worth it. What you need to purchase is a good upholstery fabric that suits your choice of design. You will also be needing dremel tool, scissors, sewing machine, staple gun, thread needle, wax and clamps.

In recycling the old mattress into couch, you need to make sure to get the proper measurement of its sitting area. You may try to opt for a sofa that is L-shaped. After choosing a shape, you need to make separate sections in the old mattress. The next thing to do is to cut the cover and have the padding removed. Using a marker, have the areas to be cut off properly marked especially those in the box spring. You will need to use dremel tool for cutting in the spring box, and you must wear protection of the hands and eyes.

The next thing to be done is cutting the woods. Make sure to leave some supporting piece so you can have it nailed at the back part of your sofa. Have the woods installed in a place close to windows and have the foam padding on its top so you can determine the fit. If it will fit properly, you can now have it covered by the upholstery fabric that you chose. You can use your staple gun to have it properly attached.

The spring inside the old mattress can also be recycled and be used in the garden. Using a dremel, you can remove it from the mattress and cut it. You can use the spring as stakes for the plant. It can also be used to make good fences for your plants. Foam padding and poly fill batting of your old bed can be used in re-stuffing you pillows and couch cushions.

The foam of old mattresses can also be recycled into a play area for the little kids. All you have to do is to remove the foam layers and have it thoroughly cleaned. You can spray it up with some upholstery cleaners and dry it on sunny area to make sure it is completely cleaned. Use colorful fabrics that can be attractive to kids in wrapping them all over. Then place these foams in a small playhouse in the play area for children. It can also be placed under the mattress of kids so they will be protected in case they fall out from it.

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September 15 2012

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